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Vipul Sharma, 25th March

Every business must deal with a unique set of problems and difficulties. Systems produce terabytes, petabytes, or even exabytes of data in every business, which can be used for various tasks. Companies analyze this data to obtain information that can be utilized to make business decisions.

Power BI Tools is a beneficial tool for businesses wanting to gain insights when it comes to extracting data from a variety of sources. As a result, it offers self-service analytics and interactive visualization on a new level. Thanks to these technologies, the same data can be viewed from many angles. Anyone inside the company may create reports and dashboards without the assistance of IT professionals and administrators. This blog post will discuss Power BI in more detail to see if it is the best tool for your business.

How Power BI Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

With the use of interactive visualizations and business intelligence, Power BI solutions will give non-technical business users access to information. It has tools for gathering, analyzing, sharing, and visualizing data. Those who need to be technically savvy can generate dashboards and reports using its simple user interface. However, the following Power BI capabilities will make it increasingly more apparent to you why it is so popular with organizations despite its many benefits.

Power BI User-Friendly for All Companies

Any size of organization can more readily create data-driven cultures with Power BI. Decisions in a data-driven society are based on facts rather than gut feelings or intuition. Businesses can overcome this significant obstacle with the help of Power BI by making business intelligence resources (such as real-time reports and dashboards) available to everyone inside the organization. This has the result of enabling the entire company to make decisions based on accurate and trustworthy data. These reports can be published on the dashboards using the Power BI service, a cloud-based version of Power BI, and then accessed by anyone, on any device, at any time.

Analytics & Business Intelligence Cloud-Based

Power BI has capabilities that may be immediately accessed via the cloud when it comes to adopting BI, which is a huge advantage. The software has a desktop version called Power BI Desktop. You can do everything with Power BI, from preparing data to finding insights to making interactive dashboards. It’s a big step forward for Microsoft that Power BI is now accessible on the popular Azure cloud computing platform.

With Power BI, bring your data to life

The drag-and-drop functionality of Power BI makes it simple to create aesthetically beautiful, well-organized dashboards and reports with these visualizations. The preferred tool for bringing data to life is Power BI. Users may narrate their data with Power BI to gain insights by connecting their data. Power BI’s interactive capabilities make these graphs and charts valuable tools. Users can apply filters to reports and dashboards to help them better understand their data. When they do so, the representations of the reports and dashboards automatically change and update to meet the requirements of the new filters.

Data protection using Power BI Tools

With security measures built into Power BI, users may protect sensitive data and follow various compliance and security standards. With Microsoft’s Cloud App Security feature, you can monitor and manage your data flow and identify and thwart online threats across all of your Microsoft and external cloud services. Administrators can specify to users and clients which data and information should be handled differently using Power BI’s sensitivity label function. To assist in protecting data, the Microsoft application contains encryption features.

Power BI’s row-level security (RLS) capabilities enable developers to define and create specific roles for individual users. Businesses with sensitive information that should only be accessible to a select few might consider this option.

The robust data analytics platform can connect to various data sources, including spreadsheets, CSV files, and databases like Oracle. You can easily convert all your existing queries, data models, and reports from Excel to Power BI without needing to master any new programs thanks to Excel’s excellent interface with Power BI.

How We Can Assist with Power BI Integration

We can help organizations make the most of data acquired from various sources thanks to our Power BI experience. Our Power BI specialists help businesses make defensible choices based on their data. We employ BI tools to develop analytical reports and dashboards, standardize KPIs, and get a complete picture of key performance indicators to comprehend your organization better. We ensure that information is continuously flowing and that data from many sources is incorporated.

Our Power BI consulting services have been helpful to a variety of sectors. Our comprehensive Power BI capabilities include planning and configuring data infrastructure, preparing data for Power BI, integrating with data sources, developing role-based customizable dashboards, performing calculations and measures on data sets, and providing training and support to help users realize their full potential.

What Qualifies Us as Experts and Who We Are?

Prefigure Technologies is a well-known company in the US offering Power BI consulting services. We can help you if you are seeking Power BI outsourcing services. We employ industry best practices when integrating our solutions into the workflows and operations of your business. We provide Power BI users with complex visualizations of the highest calibre at a reasonable cost. For more details about the company, click- www.prefiguretechnologies.com


Vipul Sharma

Vipul Sharma is an Experienced Enterprise Architect with a demonstrated history of working with business requirements and providing architecture solutions in the Healthcare, Retail & and FinTech with Business Intelligence Consulting and Building BI Dashboards.

He is passionate about solving complex business problems in a scalable manner through data-driven insights and cross-functional collaboration. He has worked with Microsoft and VMWare to solve problems related to Customer Journey analysis, Inventory tracking and Cost Scheduling.

Vipul has proven expertise in Analytical Skills, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Strong engineering and management professional and completed his Masters's Degree in Finance from the University of Rochester.

He is the founder of Prefigure Technologies in Seattle Washington to Offer Business Intelligence Services, BI Consulting, BI Implementation support, and BI Training.