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Business Intelligence Implementation Services

Seamless integration of your current business environment to your data sources and databases.

We design and implement powerful business intelligence that allows our customers to plan their companies’ activities, check the performance against the plan, analyze changes and optimize their processes and operations.

Business intelligence implementation

End To End Business Intelligence Implementation

Business Intelligence or BI is a set of practices of collecting, structuring, analyzing, and turning raw data into actionable business insights. The main purpose of BI is to provide actionable business insights and support data-driven decision-making.

We help you in harnessing technology and determine how we build an end-to-end solution. A BI Implementation project can be broadly divided in five phases:

  • Data gathering
  • Data preparation
  • Data storage
  • Data analysis
  • Data storytelling

The project management team at Prefigure Technologies will work with you in close contact, assess your needs and constraints and manage the entire development cycle for the speediest and most optimal implementation of your reports, dashboards, or BI platform deployment. You are guaranteed top quality and worry-free service from our dedicated team who will make sure that you get the best possible results as efficiently as possible.

business inteligence implementation services

Business Intelligence Implementation Services

We offer full-cycle business intelligence implementation in USA, thus leaving no gap between the ideas and the final solution. Below are the services

  • Needs Assessment and Specification
  • Development Environment Hosting
  • Product Design and Development
  • Issue Tracking System For Efficient Communication
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • On-Site Deployment and Support

How we work

Our Step Up approach is designed to inform and align stakeholders at every phase of the BI implementation Services.

business intelligence implementation process

This end-to-end process helps you achieve your Business Intelligence goals by:

  • Ensuring stakeholder alignment on your current state of BI maturity and the desired state.
  • Establishing department-level BI Roadmap to ensure business-centric planning, requirements, design, and control.
  • Assess current data quality to determine gaps and set expectations.
  • Use an agile and modular approach.
  • Design a flexible and expandable BI Solution Framework.

Our Approch

Business intelligence is the collection and analysis of data in a business environment. It’s necessary when trying to make decisions within an organization and in order to be successful, it should be part of your organization’s everyday operations. Business intelligence can create new opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. It’s absolutely crucial because it provides decision-makers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions based on defined goals.

Business Intelligence Implementation Plan

What activities does an average business intelligence implementation plan include?

Data Drilling

Discover and collect relevant data to trace trends

Data Arrangement

Collect Information from multiple data sources and align the data and process the information for further analysis.


Historical data is compared against the current performance metrics to see how they dovetail into the preliminary set goals.


In the collected database, you can seek answers to very specific business-related questions.

Data Representation

Charts, graphs, tables, and histograms can help visualize numbers to get them more “digestible” for further consumption.

Descriptive and Statistical Analysis

Find out what happened, then dig into the process and causes of the development under scrutiny.


When the analysis is completed, all stakeholders receive the results and plan their actions correspondingly.

business inteligence implementation plan

Our BI Implementation Team

Our Business Intelligence Implementation team stands for high quality and results that drive innovation and empower decision-makers with business-critical insights.

Our BI Implementation Services to help your organization to:

Adopt and implement BI technologies
Customize the BI platform to your maximum benefit
Integrate any data sources and maintain data infrastructure
Generate business value through data analytics and visualization

We are a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Services Company.

Business Intelligence Implementation Team
bi implementation approach

Our Approach to BI Implementation

  • Assess data sources
  • Connect to data sources
  • Transform data to the client’s needs
  • Store data in a resource
  • Analyze and visualize data.

Why Prefigure Technologies?

We have helped hundreds of clients unlock the value of unstructured data to deliver superior business outcomes and customer experiences. Our strong analytics partnerships with industry leaders enable Prefigure to extract value and provide actionable insights for our clients’ leadership teams to act upon.

Our diverse clientele includes Large corporates and emerging, innovative companies across industries, and our service excellence has earned us the reputation as the ‘BI Consulting Company of Choice.’ Get in touch with us today to set up your BI transformation consultation.

Why Prefigure Technologies for Business Intelligence
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Frequently Asked Questions

Business intelligence implementation refers to the process of integrating and deploying software systems and strategies to collect, analyze, and interpret data for making informed business decisions.

Business intelligence implementation is crucial as it enables businesses to gain valuable insights from data, make data-driven decisions, identify trends, optimize operations, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The key steps in business intelligence implementation typically include data gathering, data integration, data modeling, data analysis, visualization, and reporting.

The duration of business intelligence implementation can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the system, the amount of data to be processed, and the specific requirements of the business. It can range from a few weeks to several months.

Yes, business intelligence implementation empowers decision-makers with accurate and timely insights, enabling them to make informed decisions based on data-driven evidence rather than intuition or guesswork.

Business intelligence implementation can be scaled by leveraging scalable infrastructure, employing flexible data models, and implementing systems that can handle increasing data volumes and user demands. Regular monitoring and performance optimization are also essential.

While technical expertise can be helpful, it is not always necessary for business intelligence implementation. Working with a knowledgeable implementation partner can alleviate the need for in-depth technical skills within your organization.