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Using DAX function in Power BI

Vipul Sharma, 10th Jan

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula language used in Microsoft Power BI and other Microsoft business intelligence tools to create calculated columns and measures in a data model. DAX functions are a key part of the DAX language and allow users to perform a wide range of tasks, such as calculating ratios and percentages, manipulating data, and working with text, dates, and time.

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DAX Functions in Power BI

There are hundreds of DAX functions available in Power BI, and they can be grouped into several categories, including:

  • Aggregate functions: These functions perform calculations on a set of values and return a single result. Examples include SUM, AVERAGE, and MAX.
  • Filter functions: These functions allow users to filter data based on certain criteria. Examples include FILTER, ALL, and ALLSELECTED.
  • Information functions: These functions return information about the data, such as data type or formatting. Examples include ISBLANK, ISTEXT, and ISNUMBER.
  • Logical functions: These functions perform logical tests and return a Boolean result. Examples include AND, OR, and IF.
  • Mathematical functions: These functions perform mathematical calculations on numbers. Examples include ABS, EXP, and LN.
  • Statistical functions: These functions perform statistical calculations on a set of values. Examples include STDEV, VAR, and MEDIAN.
  • Text functions: These functions manipulate text values. Examples include CONCATENATE, FIND, and LEN.

To use a DAX function in Power BI, you can type the function name followed by an opening parenthesis, and then specify the arguments for the function. For example, to use the SUM function to calculate the sum of a column, you might use the following formula: “Total Sales = SUM(Sales[Quantity])”.

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